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Only autumns are Springing about Summer.

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Inspirations Tumblr
"Hope is the greatest madness. What can we expect of a world that we enter with the assurance of seeing our fathers and mothers die? A world where, if two beings love each other and give their lives to each other, both can be sure that one will watch the other perish?"

- Alfred de Vigny, Stello (via feuille-d-automne)


"stretched out tired on solid ground

head wounds growing flower crowns”

drawing some forest ghosts at night.


good little girl, always picking a fight with me…


little spider is anxious for dance class to begin.


press ‘a’ to choose best friend.


so i herd u liek baras


doodled some mega swamperts


i love … mega swamperts so … much i … just want to … give one a … big … HUG